We offer 24hr emergency service and scheduled services for all heating and cooling units in Sussex County.

  • Oil Boilers & Furnaces

  • Gas Boilers & Furnaces

  • Oil Tank and Oil Line issues

  • Mini-Splits and Heat Pumps

  • Air Conditioning

If you're having issues give us a call!

Yearly Cleanings

Every year oil-fired, gas-fired and air conditioning equipment should be cleaned and inspected. A dirty unit will not operate at its peak efficiency costing you more in operational costs. To save you money, and keep your unit in top operational form call us to schedule your maintenance today.

  • Oil-Fired Cleaning/Service rate: $219.85

  • Gas-Fired Cleaning/Service rate: $169

  • Mini-Splits/Heat Pumps/Air Conditioning Start-Ups rate: $169


Are you looking to upgrade, remodel or replace your existing equipment? We offer free estimates to look at any installation needs you may have. Call our office during our business hours to schedule your appointment.

  • Heating Equipment replacements

  • Air Conditioning replacement or all-new

  • Existing or new home construction

  • Mini-Split and Heat Pump installation

  • Oil Tank removal, replacements or new installation

  • Baseboard, Ductwork, and Gas Piping